A Detox Fasting Paradise - Pristine Private Island - Coconut, the Tree of Life and Organic Raw Food

Devoted to my magnificent island coconut trees, the trees of life.

I am frequently asked, "What urged you to pursue your internal identity advisers for a perfect private island heaven to carry on with an incredible remainder encompassed by coconut, the tree of life?" Here is my story.

At age 36, in the wake of venturing to every part of the globe widely, I had a solid vision to settle down in my very own flawless Shangri-la with numerous coconut trees. I was then on a multi year world visit, voyaging together with my English accomplice Mark. Our experiences had taken us to a portion of the world's most perfect, rough, tranquil, remote tropical wild and creature saves, in addition to gullies, streams, lakes and island heavens bordered with coconut trees. In spite of the fact that bashful and awkward with individuals since a young lady, I was completely loose in Mother Nature, especially in the tropics close to a purging ocean and eating natural tropical nourishment from nature.

During my undertakings, momentary explorers would regularly pose inquiries about my long irregular adventures. Astonished myself that a large number of my wild dreams worked out, I would disclose to them I was honored to have among others, Peter Pan and TinkerBell as my supernatural otherworldly companions. I came to trust it and live by my supernatural tropical island dream.

My 'vision to settle' was not your ordinary 'Purchase a house in the nation and settle down'! My fantasy was an unblemished heaven some place in the tropics far away from individuals. It was private and had a rich tropical wilderness setting. I could see an island encompassed by blue perfectly clear water and a close-by coral reef, cooperating with fish, with a long white-sand shoreline bordered with coconut, my trees of life.

Incredibly, I could at present observe mountain pinnacles, caverns and caves in the image, as well. I could see myself developing my natural nursery, figuring out how to eat coconut from various perspectives, growing my natural seeds in my own kitchen, eating purging crude nourishment and having pets to sustain and cherish, however I was as yet uncertain on the off chance that I would live on a perfect island adjacent to a tropical turquoise blue ocean or on some enchanted mountain.

A great many people would state this was an unreasonable fantasy dream; to me it was genuine. I realized it was out there and I needed to look. What's more, with the assistance of Peter Pan and TinkerBell as my enchanted aides, locate my immaculate heaven and my coconut trees, I did!. Like a coconut washed to a far inaccessible shore, I began from a natural tropical coconut seed on my tropical soil, and after that I developed my tropical island roots. Later I would develop my tough trunk, my immense green leaves and natural products to share, becoming solid with the trees of life encompassing me.

Finding the Soil to Plant the Coconut Seed

Imprint had carrier tickets back to Australia, proposing we search for a spot in tropical Cape Tribulation, Northern Queensland, another heaven we both adored. Anyway living in the West did not accommodate my otherworldly venture and my lifestyle. I could feel my need of a heaven in the East, far away from what most call 'ordinary' human advancement. Still Mark was my accomplice; we had voyage together for over 14 years, sharing much love, delight and experience. He would frequently propose I wake up to the real world and I would battle with inquiries like: Why did I, at 36 years old, still accept such a dream fantasy about an intriguing heaven with a white-sand shoreline and coconut trees existed? Would I scan as long as I can remember for an impractical supernatural island dream? Could there truly be divine beings, goddesses, pixies and profound aides and a remote island heaven I could live on?

While going through Malaysia on our way back to Australia, I was sharing my unrealistic private island dream with a Swiss couple while sitting at a little road side eatery in Penang. Promptly both said that my vision seemed like the immaculate territory they had quite recently left, the staggering narrows, bluffs and white-sand shorelines of El Nido Palawan, Philippines.

Quickly I heard chimes in my mind and felt Peter Pan next to me again saying the words "what are we hanging tight for?" l took a gander at Mark, who, however flabbergasted with my enchanted undertakings, consented to include one more bypass into our arrangements to return to Australia. Weeks after the fact in the wake of trekking off the beaten track through rice paddies and holding up days in a crocodile plagued riverside town for a week by week market vessel, we found our way to the remarkable shores of Bacuit Bay, home of 21 flawless islands, with coconut bordered shorelines and the primary town of El Nido.

After only two weeks here, amazing even me, I was inflexible that I would discover my island dream in one of these fascinating diamonds. Imprint had not the heart to share my fantasy, yet I heard myself let him know, "I will oversee only it from here and locate my perfect coconut bordered island." We bid farewell, he figuring I would wake up with time and experience. I realized I was here forever. After four months, together with Peter, I was demonstrated the extraordinary shores of my fate. As though my amicable profound aides had waved their enchantment wands, practically the majority of my desires were before me on this small otherworldly island of Malapacao. It was my fascinating, supernatural spot here in Asia. It was a diamond encompassed by different jewels, a pearl in an immaculate spot. It was a tropical island encompassed by blue completely clear water, a close-by coral reef..teaming with fish... It had a long white-sand shoreline bordered with my dearest tress of life.It had a rich tropical wilderness setting... It had numerous tough mountain crests, a cavern and a cave for reflection... Turtles visited the shore regularly to lay their eggs and fascinating tropical flying creatures imparted space to brilliant butterflies, dragonflies, lacewings and my trees of life.

In the event that the majority of this was insufficient, it had a cut little pool just on the shore that I could use as my wishing admirably for future diva dreams. I was overjoyed and in affection. Finding my vision had taken all of a quarter of a year. Presently making it my tropical heaven home and getting to be independent on coconut and natural sustenance would have been the devoted work of my life, a test like moving a mountain!

It was September 1987, more than 23 years back, when I was washed to these shores with Peter Pan and TinkerBell, landing with no investment funds left. Scarcely any westerners lived in our general vicinity, couple of local people had met an outsider and less communicated in English. Despite the fact that I was all around voyage, living among individuals from such a basic culture resembled venturing back in time 50 years or more. I was green!! I had not thoroughly considered it, how I would endure eating my darling coconut, what I would accomplish for assets. My family (however not close) accepted like Mark did, that one day I would come back to my faculties and return to Australia; there was no chance I would approach them for any monetary assistance.

Developing my Delicate Coconut Roots

Home for me was here, with these coconut trees, there could never be another in this lifetime. I had made the eternity, life responsibility. I needed to believe Peter Pan and TinkerBell just as my new island divine beings, goddesses and pixies to demonstrate to me the manner in which I expected to pursue. There was nothing in my mind saying "NO"; that it may not or would not work. I had been brought into the world a Leo, in the time of the Rabbit, and karma was my center name. I would work with the nearby islanders and equalization this most significant move in my life. I would develop like the coconut tree and adapt new abilities to live intimately with nature. I figured out how to make youthful coconut jam, coconut weak, coconut bread rolls, crunches, coconut oils, coconut cheeses, coconut champagne and coconut nectar. I would adjust to this tropical island way of life, as I accepted the appropriate responses were here with the trees, and as long as I asked, all would be uncovered. Thinking back, I consider this to be my redeeming quality.

Thinking soundly infrequently enables somebody to begin a tropical island experience, for example, I did! However looking back, I can not help but rather be shocked by exactly how nonsensical I was 23 years prior! Like others beginning their 'Robinson Crusoe way of life', I planted more coconut trees in my nursery for my tycoon's serving of mixed greens, developed my sprouts and investigated the rich regular vegetation. I discovered part of approaches to add coconuts to wild vines, green leaves and goes for my purifying crude nourishment natural eating routine. I began a homestead to develop and after that sell things so I could get by here.

On a few of my excursions to Manila (a 30 hour or longer freight pontoon ride) I brought back 6 imported rearing sows, 2 hogs, 80 egg laying pullets and 200 simply conceived chicks, 100 Muscovy ducklings and 100 child Australian Silver quail. After some time the pigs reared a normal of 80 piglets at regular intervals. I would lay down with the sows at their introduction to the world; cut their umbilical ropes from their moms and their eye teeth to keep them from harming mums nipples. My island aides even showed me how to emasculate the youthful male piglets.

The chickens would lay roughly 60 eggs multi day making a little pay and to this zoological garden I procured a couple of sets of Campbell Road Runner ducks and a couple of Bengala guinea fowl. With the assistance of a custom made lamp oil hatchery, I increased my creatures and my eggs one hundred overlay.

To add to greater fervor I purchased 2 mother goats with 4 infant children and 1 Billy goat. Life was full....lots of experiences......lots of day by day happenings. I nourished coconut in different structures to every one of my creatures and at one point I had more than 1000 of them to think about. I made salted, century eggs and balut from my ducks, sold quail eggs and made other fascinating nearby indulgences. To give better wellbeing to my young creatures, I raised a great many night crawlers for their Vitamin B12 vermiculture. That is another story all alone and right up 'til the present time I am thankful to my unassuming night crawlers in my natural nursery supporting my purifying crude nourishment dinners.

I sold youthful solid pigs and if at any time any became ill, their new proprietors would return them to me to specialist. I would sustain them coconut, charcoal and green leaves; let them meander along the shoreline and under the coconut trees, until they got their vitality once more. I would even lay down with them; enveloping them by woolen scarves around evening time so they could feel warm and secure and I would back rub and cleanser them with purging coconut oil. Similar to my way, I incline toward not request that an individual do anything I would not do myself! In the long run I couldn't force myself to slaughter my creatures and gradually I become an otherworldly vegetarian. It was a great learning process and another progression in my natural island lifestyle.

During that time a couple of different outsiders came into the zone, however they only here and there remained long, discovering life excessively testing. I would once in a while meet them, discovering minimal shared belief with individuals, more at home embracing the trees and shakes, hitting the dance floor with the breeze, swimming with the fish and eating coconuts and natural nourishment. Utilizing neighborhood old stories Peter Pan would enable me to weave dreams of the island shapes, recognizing the pixie guides. Inabuyatan Island before me, turned into The Princess who had sobbed well into the night several years back, troubled with the world for enabling the Goddesses to be crushed. Presently with the assistance of her seven sisters, she had woken, mindful that these tough ladies were on the scene once more. A Mammoth Elephant inclining toward her as an image of Yin and Yang.

I, myself turned into somewhat of a legend as well - it was not hard to do here! Alone, abstinent and a supernatural profound diva who appreciated odd moves on the shoreline (frequently bare) and with an odd purifying eating regimen, cherishing my life in nature. Outsiders and local people alike called me 'The Crazy Coconut Lady of Malapacao.' To the individuals who knew me it was said in kind fun. In any case, most accepted that in time, I would get forlorn enough and surrender my natural island way of life. Despite the fact that few guests posed me this inquiry, my answer was consistently the equivalent, "No, never!!"

In the good 'ol days life was about survival, with colossal difficulties. It was anything but a luxurious situation that is without a doubt! Days and shows were genuine and not for the frail disapproved. Living here can resemble being in the Wild West and I had my hands full simply attempting to comprehend a culture that is so not quite the same as our reality. There were days I concede I hit some strong knocks and did clasp and curve simply like the coconut tree does - it happens to us all! Be that as it may, these obstructions were paradise sent to make me a more grounded diva. I trust one benefits as much as possible from what we have....I had what the vast majority just dream of, it was a valuable supernatural gift...how would I be able to NOT placed my central core into it?

Still following four years of attempting to endure, I neglected to procure enough for fundamental needs with my cultivating adventure. In 1992, with couple of offices, I opened my ways to customary the travel industry, offering stretcher beds on the shoreline and guests needed to enable me to get ready suppers and hot beverages on a wood fire. I had no towels, bed materials and thought nothing about bokashi treating the soil can back then. It was a provincial start with bunches of coconut beverages and dinners on my colorful menu and spending voyagers adored it. Offering a minor sanctuary for passing yachties, I sold the coconut organic product, coconut oil, coconut champagne and veggies, other crisp natural products, green leaves and water, just as offering refueling, clothing and trash transfer administrations.

This prompted an article in the Hong Kong magazine called 'Fragrant Harbor' and during the long periods of March and April before the Hong Kong changeover of 1997, gatherings of eight or once in a while twelve yachts would stay in my stupendous narrows. Their proprietors would yell from their vessels, "Leeann, is it OK to come shorewards for supper? We are 14 of us, have you got some crude natural sustenance for us, we are burnt out on tinned garbage." "Shouldn't something be said about some coconut champagne as well" Slowly, with better salary, I made more houses under the coconut trees, including offices, expanding my rates, administrations and sharing the advantages of purging crude nourishment.

In 1996 my island view was picked as the jewel of all the 7001 Philippine islands by the writer of the Lonely Planet Guide Book. Our Beautiful 'Princess' (Inabuyatan Island) likewise bordered with coconuts was on his intro page. Fame brought more guests and in those fleeting years, I had the option to satisfy a large number of the islanders who possessed or professed to claim my piece of the island.

Frequently I would oblige at least thirty visitors remaining in-house day by day. Upheld by the assistance of the neighborhood islanders, we offered fundamental inviting administrations, crude and semi-crude sustenance dinners and life-changing island experience. The drawback of more guests was the troublesome test of offering my unblemished condition to individuals who appreciated things that I thought about harmful and certainly not intended to be here in my mysterious private island with my island guides.

To keep my sensitive profound equalization, the first to go off my island administrations was meat, trailed by cigarettes, at that point liquor and espresso and sugar. Having procured a much more profound enthusiasm for the medical advantages of coconut, making virgin oil just as coconut blossom nectar and numerous other natural and home grown crude nourishment, I would recoil at the measure of over prepared sustenance I served on my table, including breads, buns and tarts, with not an expectation in heaven to join the advantages of nourishment consolidating or not drinking with dinners, in addition to what I had realized.

Like any business, one is obliged to serve what a client needs or pay the cost and lose business. Even with much counsel actually, I picked the last mentioned, resolutely accepting cash was not my main impetus, love of my island and personal satisfaction was! what's more, I needed to discover a way.

Developing my Sturdy Tall Coconut Trunk

Right now I was totally cut off from the outside world from various perspectives. No news, no radio, no paper, no TV, no Internet, no PC, it was simply a lot of a test to discover the power. Magazines didn't exist here except if somebody acquired them, and there was no music. Furthermore, none of that made a difference to me. Truly!! indeed, even music!

When you are an offspring of nature, eating a for the most part purifying crude eating routine, you are content with the whisperings of superb elementals and divas. The numerous and shifted hints of the ocean, the washing of the fronds of my tremendous trees above was, is and consistently will be my melodic delight. These trees requested that I embrace them, the sky guided me to construct sundecks to grasp the light; the ocean coaxed me to swim in it day by day. For me the breeze offered fine vibrations inside the coconut trees that I loved. I was and still am content with effortlessness and the tune 'Every one of The Sounds Of The Earth Are Like Music' is so valid for me. En route I was honored to have guests share their Gentle Arts. I figured out how to rehearse yoga, kendo, sword moving, and do tarot and heavenly attendant card readings as well.

At some point in mid 1997, an English couple, tuning in to me voice my present island dreams, proposed I was laying out a detox purifying spa. All I knew then of Spas were high temp water pools in Germany. Blessed enough to deal with a detox fasting focus in Puerto Rico, these two individuals had my complete consideration. Another significant otherworldly luck was really taking shape. Somewhat later, a benevolent Austrian offered to make my first site for me; an Internet Cafe laborer in Puerto Princesa consented to browse messages and send them up in printed state. I answered in longhand. Such a large number of rural beginnings! Envision notes voyaging through a troublesome nearby transport/truck ride more than 400 kilometers of soak mountains up to El Nido, at that point sitting tight for an uncommon island pontoon trip. It was a similar procedure to find the solution down to Puerto Princesa. Some email answers would have been 10-15 days old before the sender would get it! I can snicker at the adventure, so not the same as now!

A portion of my visitors wonder at my understanding with the persistent PC challenges we have here step by step now, however I know its everything relative and I underestimate nothing. In spite of the fact that my library was insignificant at that point, one book called "Contact For Health", composed by John Thie, stood apart noticeably. I had conveyed this book on a large number of my movements, even to the base camp of Everest. Once here, I had set it in a corner, overlooking it, having no accomplice to learn with or practice it. Spontaneously I kept in touch with John Thie's Foundation, trusting the multi year old location may in any case exist and that my letter may contact them. My solicitation to allure a 'Contact For Health' educator to the island to encourage me Kinesiology went off with a passing guest. It resembled communicating something specific in a container asking TinkerBell to convey it. I never utilized the postal framework.

I rapidly found out about mud/earth heats, coconut body cleans, ocean growth wraps and different back rub medications. A Reiki Master cruising in a yacht moored in my inlet and I figured out how to persuade her to remain longer, showing me Reiki 1 and 2. Later I was honored to find out about effectiveness miniaturized scale life forms (EM) (AEM) and bokashi and began my natural nursery under the coconut trees with these awesome blessings of Mother Nature. I even belatedly found out about the bokashi fertilizing the soil can, something still on my rundown of things to make.

My diva buds were extending, spring was noticeable all around and significant foundation was in advancement. With the assistance of a couple of steadfast guests, I started constructing a few provincial, comfortable bungalows with nursery washrooms, longing for my new 'Experience Wellness' projects. In 1998, nature tossed extra flavor into my difficulties. First an Earth-wide temperature boost came, carrying ten months of dry spell with antiquated tropical trees smashing down. Ocean temperatures, for the most part just 26 - 28 degrees centigrade rose to more than 32, executing all the delicate corals and quite a bit of our hard corals, all under my eyes with nothing I could do. It was a dismal exceptional time for our earth.

To top off the time of 1998, on December twelfth, with the greater part of the development of my new houses nearly finished, probably the most grounded tropical storm in 60 years tore into us head-on. It was called 'Norming' and we were in the 'Eye' and afterward as it went initial one way, at that point the other it pulverized 33% of my retreat, covering my excellent white-sand shoreline under loads of rubble, also numerous little ocean animals. Practically the majority of my tall coconut trees were harmed, for one entire year I would have no coconut organic products from my island trees. Where to proceed, what to reconstruct first...where were the assets to do it? I had $500 just in the bank, only enough to keep a US dollar record open. It needed to go and more must be found. Numerous guests were reserved to share my island heaven between Xmas/New Year, and would be profoundly baffled generally.

This was an enormous test without anyone else; anyway on the impact points of this, I needed to ride out the repercussions of two political dramatizations during 1999 and 2000. These issues left the travel industry speechless for quite a while. My Adventure Wellness dreams went as a second thought. I needed to make due with my coconuts...but how! Most Westerners associated with any business adventure came back to their nation to take on low maintenance work to keep up their Philippine way of life. I had no place to go and no cash regardless of whether I needed to leave, which I didn't. I appealed to Peter Pan and TinkerBell for the appropriate response, requesting change, requesting balance. My superb island spirits again heard my supplications and I figured out how to turn each troublesome corner as I came to it.

Extending my Limbs and Dancing my Huge Coconut Leaves

In 2002 an association was made with the proprietor of Dharma Healing, Hillary Hitt. She benevolently shared much data on fasting, detox, purifying and self recuperating. I connected my website pages with those of Hillary's, however nothing moved. I plainly observed detox fasting programs as my future and implored realize where and how to start, yet however 52 years of age, I had never fasted multi day in my life and had just the vaguest thought what detox fasting implied.

Consistent with the rhythms of my otherworldly life, under ten months after the fact, a loaded with life multi year old Norwegian man, Frank Jenson arrived, adored my coconut heaven and needed to remain for 2 months or more. I approached what he accomplished professionally. Candid answered that the was a "Contact For Health" (kinesiology) teacher.

So here was the individual I had asked Peter Pan to send me five years prior, sent off in note in a jug! Candid additionally possessed 'Monhos Velhos', a detox fasting retreat in the Argyle, Portugal and good fortune was thumping once more. Straightforward got a practically FREE remain; an incredible exchange off, and I was elated! You may call this karma; I called it not surprisingly, my predetermination. Like such a great amount throughout everyday life, our ways are mapped out.

Learning Kinesiology was fun, yet what I valued the most was Frank sitting adjacent to me in my office for a two entire months, (for the most part bare!), modifying his detox fasting site. I was his ready understudy. I found out about fasting and detox and I learnt of groundbreaking voyages. We were utilizing purging items Frank had brought from Portugal and without investigating where or how I would get comparable things, I began my detox fasting retreat adding more coconut items to them, changing over my site absolutely to detox and change and my life at the same time as well.

It was a colossal budgetary hazard to change over from basic the travel industry to offering detox, fasting, purging projects at more expensive rates in this remote territory, however gradually with the assistance of TinkerBell and her enchantment wand, everything came gradually together. I was and still am honored to have had the open door with my aides, to discover and afterward make one of the most excellent heavens on earth for purifying detox, fasting and self recuperating. I could think about no better method to help myself in this lifetime than to impart my heaven to minding guests, generally ladies, looking for a tranquil haven like dig for their own purging self mending work and to locate their very own parity. In addition the rush that individuals could be imparting their all encompassing elective wellbeing information to families and friends and family, and contributing only that smidgen more to the recuperating of our reality is a special reward.

In the same way as other of us that move into the elective medicinal services detox field, I also accompanied my very own things of wellbeing challenges. Up until that time, I had covered a large number of these in the soul of 'Simply continue ahead with it!' Peter Pan had instructed me to be solid, to try and assume an extremely manly job so as to set the foundation. Presently was my very own time for profound development and recuperating, to investigate my female vitality; to support and change ME. To impart to love and regularly developing comprehension, I needed to initially tune in to my most profound internal identity mindfulness. These are the excellent endowments of my island, my island aides and much luck. There is far beyond we will ever think about our profound fate, we should simply trust and walk our internal identity way.

Acknowledging and Sharing My Flowers and Fruits

As diva life has a method for advancing so nimbly, I was bound to meet my next coach, Farida Sharan, the proprietor/originator of The School of Natural Medicine, Boulder Colorado. Following quite a while of individual examination, down to earth involvement and responsibility in the field of elective common wellbeing detox and fasting, I earned my Diploma in Naturopathy and continued onward on my small coconut island. Offering colon water system administrations well before numerous individuals in my piece of the world had ever known about it, added to the legend of Leeann 'The Crazy Coconut Lady of Malapacao'. When I started my fasting, self mending programs the blooms and natural products came into my life. As I talk they are in full solid bloom, blossoming gradually progressively every year. Guests currently go to my immaculate island from varying backgrounds and from each edge of the globe for guided full body detox parasite purging, colonics, natural crude nourishment, coconut ology educator preparing, just as for Naturopathy, Alternative Health Care Practicum's.

Numerous on my guests become open to detox purifying ordinarily after they have moved toward becoming worn out from pressure and an unfortunate eating regimen. Many comprehend what to do, yet neglect to tune in to their bodies. Unfortunately many become ill and take dangerous prescriptions, particularly for sadness, or truly sick with malignant growth. Many have had no karma with standard specialists and don't have the foggiest idea what to do. Practically all have parasites and microscopic organisms issues, many have sticky blood and corrosive pH.

Some portion of the way toward getting to be solid is figuring out how to adore ourselves and tune in to our otherworldly internal identity and our hearts; to figure out how to consider our to be as our sanctuary. I feel so honored to have my solid coconut trees and enchanted divas here with me consistently. In a perfect world we should detox consistently and eat beautiful living energetic unadulterated natural sustenance with loads of coconut, be careful when and where we eat; invest energy in nature and converse with the trees, love the same number of individuals around us as we can and appreciate and share the blooms and our rewards for so much hard work. With this, valuing our twisting way of truth and developing internal identity otherworldliness, winds up simpler. This is my blessing to the universe, to impart my astounding island to its wonderful white-sand shoreline with individuals looking to adore themselves more, to change, change and to self mend, to discover a route back to adjust from a lethal world through the unstoppable force of life.

Made in adoration, living in affection, encompassed by affection, empowering love


Leeann is a 58 years youthful, dynamically alive Raw Foodist, living on an unblemished private island she found with her profound aides Peter Pan and TinkerBell. Favored to have her supernatural heaven, she offers her brilliant home for reasonable detox purifying, fasting experiences and self mending change.

She recommends you get away from the rodent race, rushed calendars and negative behavior patterns. Change, restore and offset your existence with blessings from the coconut, crude nourishment, and figure out how to recuperate normally, comprehensively by associating with your internal identity guides, as nature proposed.

Malapacao Private Island Retreat in the El Nido Marine Reserve, Bacuit Bay, Palawan, Philippines is a remote, elite, life-changing, private island heaven. Customized detox purifying with high colonics, natural crude nourishment programs; spoiling day by day treatments like back rubs of numerous types, dirt heats, coconut body scours, home grown douses and numerous other tropical pleasures.

Together with island investigating, swimming, swimming, climbing, kayaking, wilderness experiences, Malapacao Private Island Retreat with its white-sand shoreline, offers an extraordinary scene for self recuperating detox fasting. Beat genuine wellbeing challenges with amazing one on one Dr. Schultz medicines like "Hyperthermia Cold Sheet" needle therapy, moxa medications and parcels more.

El Nido, Palawan is a 80 moment departure from Manila with 3 flights day by day generally days. Malapacao is a 40 moment vessel ride from El Nido.

The retreat offers an individual guide from the minute one grounds in Manila, till they touch base on the island with the extra alternative to go through an expertly run Medical Clinic for Live blood Analysis, pee and other blood tests.

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